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About Me
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The Shoppe

The Barber Shoppe for Ladies and Gentlemen  located in the heart of Cameron Parks Green Valley district is your new destination for your hair and style needs. As one of the only all-inclusive Barber Shops in the region, our goal is to create a welcoming and friendly environment for everyone. With over 70 years combined experience in men’s and women’s haircuts.  Our Barbers and Stylists will create that perfect look you deserve.


Styles & More

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BArber Pole.jpg

Haircut only__________________$30


haircut with shampoo, basic conditioner

Haircut JR/SR _______________$25

children 12 and under, adults 65 and over

Haircut/With Straight Razor__$40

Haircut/With Beard Trim_____$43

Haircut/With Grey Blending__$50

Haircut/Barber Shop Facial___$55

Buzz cut _____________________$15

one blade size only

Shave________________________$35 & up

  • mustache/goatee trim ___$7

  • beard trim_______________$15

  • neck trim________________$7 &up

Longer hair may have additional service charge  

Shampoo____________________ $7

Blow dry/styling______________$15 &up

Conditioning treatment ______$15

Waxing______________________ $10 & up


  • All over_________________$45 &up

  • Grey blending___________$25 &up

For any other service please consult your stylist

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